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Doll Therapy for dementia: Laali – my mom’s new friend

IMG_2802Written by Mr Biren Yadav, who has retired from Indian Army. He shares his journey as a dementia caregiver to his mother and how doll therapy has given her a new lease of life.

Mataji (my octogenarian mother) was diagnosed with dementia, an irreversible and terminal brain disease, about 3 years back. She had been showing symptoms since at least last 5 years, but we failed to notice them due to our ignorance about the disease.

Doctor’s verdict – Alzheimer’s and Anesthesia

Brain Dark BlueWe recently came across an article on the effects of anesthesia on Alzheimer’s, and how the two of them don’t mix well. You can read the article here – Alzheimer’s and Anesthesia.

We asked our in-house Geriatric Physician Dr Chawla to comment on this. Dr. Satish Chawla MD, FACP, AIIMS, who is a retired Geriatric Physician from the United States Navy. He is an expert in geriatric medicine. Here is what he had to say –

Dementia support groups are a great outlet and platform for caregivers

DSG 2I am working as a Dementia Care Specialist at Samvedna Senior Care. We organize Dementia Support group meetings for caregivers on a monthly basis and invite people from various parts of Delhi-NCR to come discuss, support and share their stories. This meeting is free of charge for dementia care givers.