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Verbal and non-verbal communication tips for dementia caregivers

dementia care“A 68 year old lady who is diagnosed with dementia has difficulty expressing herself as she cannot find words to do so. She has slowly lost her ability to express ideas and along with it there has been a significant change in her personality. She speaks less and has withdrawn socially. The inability to express her anger and resolve the matter keeps her agitated all the time. She refuses to talk to anybody and yells at anyone who tries to approach her. She says nobody is ready to understand what she has been going through all this while.”

Dementia Diary – Support Group Meeting Updates, 11th July,2015

1Regardless of one’s age, everyone loves to have fun; and senior citizens with Dementia and Alzheimer’s are no exception. At the second Support Group meeting held on 11th July, the seniors were reminded of that fact that having a good laugh and sharing enjoyable activities can be a wonderful way to stay actively engaged in life.