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Mr Chadha’s finds a sense of purpose through Samvedna’s community outreach programme

community-service-2Little Abhishek, Divya, Priyanka and Shiva were very happy to get admission to a good public school to pursue their education. These children of HIV infected parents live in an orphanage in Gurgaon. However, because of starting their educational journey at a slightly later age they were finding it difficult to cope with their science and math syllabus at school. As a part of Samvedna Senior Care’s  Community outreach program our club member, Mr. Chadha, a retired Government Servant, decided to volunteer his time to teach these kids mathematics. Ever since he has started teaching these kids, they are able to do their homework and they are  also grasping the concepts.

“Someone for us seniors to rely on, at the time of an emergency.”

IMG_9162Mrs and Mr Sharma have been living in Delhi for the last 2 years, and their children were settled abroad. Both of them have a history of medical illnesses. They have a house support staff of 2 and also a driver to help with the demands of daily living.

Very recently Mrs Sharma had a fall and needed to be hospitalized. Here is Mr Sharma’s account of his experience –

How I turned my hobby into my purpose

tnI never bought sweaters for my children and always used to knit it myself. But when my children became a little old I started working and couldn’t pursue my hobby due to work pressure.

After retirement I started knitting again. Knitting gives me a sense of freedom as I can knit whenever I want. Also it keeps me always busy. Sometimes my children scold me also as I get a backache if I knit for too long.