Community Outreach Programme

Volunteering helps reduce stress, make new friends, learn new skills, combat depression, and most importantly provides a sense of purpose. Doing this not only gives an avenue for meaningful engagement, it also provides greater life satisfaction by giving back to society. Samvedna's Community Outreach Programme gives seniors a platform to use their skills and talents to serve people and their community. Our first two projects are in collaboration with NGOs working with children.

Harmony House (Sector 17A, Gurgaon)

Harmony House is a day care centre for children from neighboring slum areas. It caters to more than 500 children, between ages 2-17 years. Over 400 children from this centre have been enrolled in regular government and private schools. We are bringing together a group of seniors to teach these children english, maths, moral education and life skills.

DESIRE Society (Sector 54, Gurgaon)

DESIRE Society is a Hyderabad based NGO that works with children affected by HIV. The building houses 27 children between ages 2-15 years.Volunteering opportunities include teaching english and moral education and taking the children out on social outings like picnics, tree plantations and awareness drives, and celebrating festivals with them.

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