Dementia Wellness Centre

Dementia Wellness Centre by Samvedna
G-7, Sushant Lok, Phase -3, Sector 57, Gurgaon, 122002
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Our Dementia Wellness Centre in Sector 57, Gurgaon, provides dementia-specific personalized care in a warm, safe and stimulating environment. We offer a wide range of activities including mind stimulation and intellectual care, physical exercises, and other interventions and therapies. The centre provides patients with dementia a stable routine and opportunities for socializing. It also gives a much needed break to the caregiver to rest, run errands and finish tasks. Our qualified and trained team works with each person to ensure they feel comfortable and supported, and their individual needs are met as far as possible. Our centre infrastructure offers a homely, dementia friendly environment and has been designed keeping the needs of patients in mind. We offer home pick-up and drop facility for patients within new Gurgaon. Joining the centre will help prolong the need for institutionalization, and also help in the long term monitoring of your loved one with dementia.

Why enroll your loved one with dementia?
•    Routine and activity at the centre help reduce the degeneration of the disease     
•    The centre is equipped to cater to special needs of people with dementia and gives individual attention to each of them     
•    The centre offers opportunities for people with dementia  to socialize and have fun through a variety of group activities     
•    Joining may prolong the need for institutionalized care     
•    Caregiver respite - timeout for those taking care of the person with dementia

Services and features of the centre
•    Dementia friendly environment     
•    Open Monday to Friday 11 AM to 4 PM     
•    Qualified and experienced staff - post graduate degrees in clinical psychology and social work, trained in dementia care     
•    Pick up and drop from home available within new Gurgaon     
•    Care plan designed according to the individual’s ability and stage of the disease     
•    Planned routine for the patients at the centre     
•    Dementia centric group activities – mind stimulation activities, occupational therapy, physical exercises, reminiscence therapy, art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, sensory stimulation games     
•    Regular assessments of the patients through activities, which is then communicated to caregivers     
•    Doctors, neuropsychologists, physiotherapists available for consultation     
•    Vitals monitoring and medication management will be provided while the patient is at the centre     
•    Nutritious snacks will be provided, and patients will be assisted in eating meals     
•    Counselling for family members and attendant, and nutrition counselling also available     
•    Dementia Support group meetings every month     
•    Group outings for patients

Infrastructure and facilities
•  Dementia-friendly building, with wheel chair access     
•    The centre is staffed with dementia trained attendants (both male and female), a nursing attendant and a day care manager     
•    The centre is equipped to take in up to 20 people     
•    Ratio of care specialist to patient is 1:4     
•    The centre has two activity rooms     
•    We have a resting room with comfortable beds, designed keeping the needs of dementia patients in mind       
•    There is a dining area for people to sit together and have their meals/snacks     
•    The bathrooms are dementia friendly with grip bars and anti-slip mats, easily accessible by the patients and close by to the activity areas     
•    We have a garden space for outdoor recreation activities     
•    Our functional pantry provides snacks along with tea/coffee     
•    We have a security guard outside the gate for the safety of the patients     
•    We have CCTV security surveillance inside and outside the facility, which can be synced to your phone.     
•    At all times we have an ambulance on call

Admission criteria
•    Diagnosis of dementia or related disorders, with medical conditions that are stable and non-infectious     
•    Ambulant or semi-ambulant patient     
•    Patients in mild to moderate stages of dementia     
•    Patients with incontinence are required to use adult diapers