Online Counselling

Our online counselling services are an easy to access guidance for coping with a loved one suffering from Dementia and to deal with issues and challenges faced in dealing with elderly parents.

We offer three types of counselling –

  • Initial Assessment of Dementia
    If you notice unusual behavior in your parents or spouse like increased confusions, frequent forgetfulness particularly related to recent events, difficulty in doing everyday tasks, social withdrawal, marked changes in personality it could be early signs of cognitive impairment or Dementia. We can help you with the assessment of your loved one and provide guidance on what next steps to take.

  • Dementia Counseling
    A diagnosis of dementia can bring many changes and challenges to the individual and those around them.  Our counselling service will help you to reach out to experts and discuss your challenges and effectively manage the care of your loved one.

  • Ageing Care Counselling
    Adult children often undergo a lot of stress and challenges while ensuring overall wellbeing of their ageing parents.  Ageing care counseling can be done both for family as well as for an individual.

  • Who should seek it ?
    Our counselling services are available for :
    • Caregivers of Dementia patients
    • Adults who are dealing with elderly parents
    We encourage you to take proper guidance for handling of Dementia patients so that you can understand what changes to expect and deal with difficult behavior. We can also do an online assessment of the patient if he/she is in a condition to communicate via video call.

  • Benefits
    • Initial stage assessment and advice
    • Understanding progression of disease
    • Plan care according to the current stage
    • Making environmental and life style modifications for care
    • Dealing with challenging behavior
    • Helping your parents make decision about their care
    • Understanding communication strategies while interacting with elderly

  • Our counsellors
    Our skilled and compassionate counsellors are clinical psychologists, MSW, and gerontologists, who work with seniors from different cultures and nationalities. They have experience working with dementia patients and are practitioners who design and conduct dementia intervention activities for patients to engage the elderly.

  • Languages
    We give counselling in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Assamese, Konkani, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam.

  • Number of sessions recommended
    • We recommend that in order to understand all aspects of Dementia Care you take our 8 session package of online counselling, spread over four weeks.
    • We also cater to adhoc counselling session requests.

  • Days and timings
    Our counsellors are available from Monday to Saturday, by prior appointment

  • Session duration
    1 hour

  • Mode of communication
    Video Call or phone conferencing. Member should preferably have a Skype account. The video call should be done from a quiet room with few distractions and disturbances so that the session can be utilized properly. Case history and prescription of patient can be sent prior to counselling session via email or what’s app.

  • Fees and payment
    Online counselling costs Rs. 1000/- per session, and can be paid through a bank transfer at the time of booking the appointment. Counselling session will start after payment of fee only.

    Dementia training for primary caregiver is available. The cost for this is Rs. 6000 for 8 sessions.

  • Step-by-step guide through the process
    1) On booking, you will receive an email with the confirmation details of your appointment.

    2) The fee is collected at the time of booking your appointment. Our counsellor will guide you if you have questions or concerns.

    2) As a client, you need to call the counsellor at the scheduled time. Each session will be for one hour. The counsellor will end the session at the scheduled time as they may have other clients scheduled next.

    3) Ensure you are in a noise free environment to enhance the effectiveness of the sessions.

    4) If you want to reschedule your appointment please inform the counsellor at least 24 hours in advance.

    5) If you don’t call during the scheduled time then you lose the slot. There will be no refund for cancellations, no shows and rescheduling at the last minute.
Online Counselling

Online Counsellor Profile - Archita Sobti

Archita has more than 5 years of experience working in the field of mental health. She is a post graduate in Clinical Psychology from Amity University. She has worked with patients of different age groups in institutions, clinics and schools. She has worked with patients of depression, dementia, schizophrenia, drug addicts and other psychological disorders. She has conducted evaluations, IQs and screening for psychosocial disability, psychotherapy and counselling for individuals, groups, families on conflict resolution and crisis management.