Dementia Care

Dementia is a neurodegenerative disorder in which there is deterioration in the cognitive functions to such an extent that it affects functioning on a daily basis. It is progressive in nature and affects memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language, and judgment.

We at Samvedna have over 20,000 hours of dementia care experience, gained over the past 3 years. We understand the challenges faced by families with loved ones with this disorder. We have worked with people suffering from Vascular Dementia, Fronto Temporal, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. We know that the most important aspect of professional dementia care, across the spectrum, is compassionate and quality intellectual care. 

Our trained Care Specialists are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to people braving Dementia. Based on personal interaction, our Care Specialists plan the sessions with the aim of keeping the mind of elderly stimulated and engaged.

The sessions are designed depending on the stage of Dementia and individual needs of each patient. Our Care Specialist design and track the progress of the sessions through care plans which includes different dementia intervention activities. The care plans are reviewed and discussed within our team of Care Specialists and Care Managers.

These are the activities of a Dementia Care Intervention service plan:
  • Mind Stimulation: Activities are targeted to stimulate different areas of the brain like memory games, word games and attention span improving games.
  • Physical exercise: Motor coordination exercise, breathing exercise, muscle relaxation, dance therapy etc. helps keep the mind alert and active.
  • Reminiscence: A major part of dementia care is to reorient the patient to time, place and person. Making family tree, labeling pictures of family members, sharing old memories reduces confusions and anxiety.
  • Social Outings: Outing to a coffee shop or mall makes them feel connected and refreshed.
  • Monthly doctor visit

In addition to the above, we also have on-call services for
  • Respite Care - Caregiving can be a rewarding but at the same demanding responsibility. We step in to temporarily relieve caregivers so they can take time out for themselves for errands, appointments or simply to unwind.
  • Emergency Care - There could be times when you may not be available at hand at the time of an emergency, like a fall, sudden illness or unplanned travel. In such situations we are one phone call away, ready to take charge and step into action.
  • Doctor/ Physiotherapist on call

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Please get in touch with us on 9818421446 for more information.

Dementia Support Group

Our Dementia Support group is a platform for caregivers to share feelings and support each other. We meet once a month at the Samvedna Senior Centre in Gurgaon.

The objective of the support group is to reach out to all the care givers of dementia patients and provide them with a platform to share their experience as well as get a better understanding of the disorder and its management. It is important for the care givers to know that they are not alone in this stressful journey of caregiving.

Watch a video on our Support Group here

Please get in touch with us on 9818421446 for more information.
Senior Citizen's helpline for registered members
1 800 1031957

I enrolled my mother with Samvedna this summer 2018 after having a detailed discussion with professionals at Samvedna as it seemed the right care for my mother who has been diagnosed with early dementia besides her medication. Ravina, who comes to visit my mother twice a week at home has been a true companion for my mom. She spends quality time with her engaging in activities such as puzzles, coloring, word identification, news, Youtube videos, recipes, political awareness, orientation of date, time, and verbal communication which involves our family history, her interests, relatives and her own well being. My mother loves talking to her although communication has been the challenge that we are trying to address here. From time to time Ravina sends me a video clip of her singing, photographs of her coloring and even a video message for me! Truly rewarding! Ravina, who is a psychologist, sends me a full report via email of each and every visit at home twice weekly and updates me of my mother's overall mental and physical well being. This is precious as I live in the US. I see a lot of connection and engagement of my mother even more so than when I had visited her.

Samvedna has come as a blessing for us and I highly recommend it. They have simple yet effective ways to involve my mother in activities that keep her cognitively engaged. THANK YOU Samvedna!
- Sheetal Seth

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