Ross Clinics

Ross Clinics is a chain of Multi-Facility Health Clinics with qualified Family Physicians, Family Dentists and Physiotherapists, Medicines, Lab Tests, Vaccines under one roof, we take care of all day-to-day healthcare needs.

Ross Clinics has been founded in 2011 by Dr Devashish Saini, an alumnus of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi with a vision to build an enduring institution aiming to transform primary health care in India, with more than 100 clinics across India by 2018.

They have 5 centers, 3 in Gurgaon, 1 in South delhi and 1 in Faridabad, and 8 satellite clinics in various condominiums and corporates with a team of 30+ doctors, clinic managers and management team. They have helped nearly 35000 patients from our various clinics with evidence based medicine. They are one of the India’s only successful primary care clinics model and have helped nearly 15 government and private organisations in India, United states, Bangladesh, Mexico in understanding and developing low cost high quality Primary care clinics model.

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