We have four plans to suit different requirements

Emergency Respite Care

Services** ER Care* Regular plan Critical plan
Daily call to elderly to assess wellbeing Yes Yes Yes
On-call helpline for elderly Yes Yes Yes
Assistance with making appointments Yes Yes Yes
Ambulance assurance service Yes Yes Yes
Participate in activity centre event 1 1 1
Monthly home visits (1 hour) 1 2 8
Assistance with doctors’ visits (up to 4 hours) - 1 2
Doctors visit at home 1 1 1
Visit reports 1 3 10
Medication management (weekly) - Yes Yes
Hospital Bill payment assistance - Yes Yes
TPA clearance - - Yes
*Emergency Respite Care
**Services explained in detail later

Services explained

Daily greeting call
We will call your parent once a day to check on their wellbeing and reassure them that we are there for them. We will remind them of scheduled appointments, encourage them to be active, and motivate them to stay healthy and happy.
On-call helpline
Your parent can call us anytime between 8am and 8pm for medical queries, technology support, local and daily needs information and to request for emergency support.
Assistance with making appointments
We will be happy to assist your parent with making medical, travel and other appointments.
Ambulance assurance service
We will facilitate ambulance booking as and when required, and ensure that it reaches on time.
Monthly home visits by Care Specialist
Our specialist will visit your parent and conduct sessions for the purpose of general wellbeing and intellectual wellness. These sessions can also be for fall proofing consultancy, counselling, technology assistance/ training and social outings.
Assistance with doctors’ visits
The Care Specialist will take charge of the process, starting with taking the appointment. She will then accompany your parent from their home to the clinic/ hospital, communicate with doctor and later interpret the doctor’s advice to your parent and if need be to you. The medicines will be managed by the Care Specialist as per the prescription.
Doctors visit at home
A doctor from our team will visit your parent and do a general check-up to ensure her/his wellbeing.
Visit report
Every visit to your parent will be followed up with a detailed report.
Medication management
We will ensure that your parent is taking the right medicine and do a regular stock check.
Hospital bill payment
We will manage hospital bill payment for your parent.
Participate in centre activity
We have a senior citizens activity centre in Gurgaon where we have quizzes, games, workshops and celebrations. We will invite our home services members to attend one event per month at the centre.
Short-term caregiving assistance on request
Emergency support
Emergencies include accidents at home, critical illness, Dementia counselling for challenging behaviour, unplanned hospitalization/ interim-care/ travel. Our Care Specialist will visit your parent and assist her according to the need and situation.

We also have a host of add-on services that can be requested for, in addition to the plans above.

Add-on Services
  • Emergency support Hospital visits – planned/ unplanned
  • Hospitalization support
  • TPA clearance (for critical plan)
  • Respite care / Interim care
  • Medication Management (For regular & critical plan)
  • Other Services (e.g. travel management, banking assistance, passport services etc.)
  • Dementia counselling & support
  • Family counselling / Grief counselling


Plan Description
Emergency Respite Care This plan is for independent seniors, who can manage their active daily living on their own. Ideally suited for assurance in case of emergencies and respite care
Regular This plan is for seniors who need frequent support with their active daily living and may have limited mobility. They may require assistance with managing their medication and doctors’ visits and need frequent assurance and interaction.
Critical This plan is for seniors who need constant support for managing their active daily living. They may have limited or no mobility. They require assistance with managing their medication and doctors’ visits and need regular assurance and interaction.
Customized In case you have other special requirements for your parent, we can also create a fully customized plan for you.
You can take our Need Assessment test to figure out the best plan for you.

You can get an idea about our pricing here

Our Pricing
Plan Pricing per month (in Rs)*
Emergency Respite Care 4000
Regular 6500
Critical 16000 onwards
*Payable in advance in two 6 monthly installments. Refund Policy available.