Workshops and Events

Keeping ourselves engaged and mentally stimulated is very important for our overall well being. It is specially important to consciously make an effort towards this as we age.

We at the Samvedna Senior Care Foundation conduct workshops and outings throughout the year to promote healthy and active aging. We get experts in their fields to conduct these workshops. In 2016 we organized over 40 workshops for close to 1000 senior citizens. Our workshops include -

  • Technology training - Introduction to computers, learning smart-phones, Facebook for seniors, Internet banking.
  • Emotional well-being - Intergenerational bonding, retirement, stress management, positive thinking.
  • Health and fitness - Strength training, yoga, naturopathy, nutrition, doctors talks on heart health, diabetes, joint pain, cancer, sleep etc,
  • Recreation - Dance, Music (vocal), Ikebana, quizzing, parties and celebrations for Diwali, Christmas and New Years.
  • Outings - Movies, plays, Akshardhaam, Humayun's Tomb, picnics, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Rail Museum etc.

Some events we organize on a yearly basis are Alzheimer's Awareness (around Alzheimer's Day) and a programme for Elder's Day (1st October).

We provide this service under the Samvedna Senior Care Foundation. You can know more about us here